Invitation to join the UEMS Open Letter on "Standards in medical practice"

Dear Colleagues,

We are inviting you to join forces in co-signing an Open Letter on "Standards for medical practice".

We already had the occasion to raise and share our concerns with you all regarding the process that the European Standardisation Committee (CEN – Comité européen de normalisation) has initiated in Aesthetic Medicine. We have had a report on their meeting that was recently organised in Delft and this confirmed our worries.

This invitation to you also provides us with an opportunity to (re)state our position firmly, i.e. that the UEMS was not at the origin of this initiative, was not actively involved and is strongly opposed to it.

We would be grateful to you for joining this Open Letter as well as circulating it as widely as possible within your networks, the aim being to get as many co-signatories as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Romuald KrajewskiEdwin Borman
PresidentSecretary General
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