UEMS Enlarged Executive

In the framework of the UEMS Council Meeting held in Malta on 20-21 October 2023, a new Enlarged Executive was elected and effectively took office on 1st January 2024 for a mandate of four years.

The Enlarged Executive Committee is composed of:
- the Executive Committee in charge of the day-to-day administration of the UEMS and to implement the policies decided at the UEMS Council (biannual general assembly), 
- 4 Vice-Presidents who have specific portfolios of  activities,  and
- Chairs of the 3 UEMS groupings which gather Specialists Sections to discuss UEMS internal matters among them

A detailed diagram of the functioning of the Enlarged Executive with the other organs and bodies of the UEMS is accessible here.

Executive Committee of the UEMS

Vassilios Papalois, President of the UEMS

Prof. Vassilios Papalois (United Kingdom)

Joao Grenho, Secretary General of the UEMS

Secretary General
Dr João Grenho (Portugal)

Marc Hermans, Officer for European & international affairs

Officer for European & international affairs
Dr Marc Hermans (Belgium)

Othmar Haas, Treasurer of the UEMS
 Dr Othmar Haas (Austria)

Member of the Enlarged Executive Committee


Dr Tomas Cobo (Spain)
Dr Maeve Durkan (Ireland) 
Dr Andreas Papandroudis (Greece)
Prof. Paolo Ricci (Italy)

Chairs of Groupings

Prof. Lampros Michalis Interim Chair (Grouping 1)
Dr Patrick Magennis (Grouping 2)
Prof. Thomas Griesbacher Interim Chair (Grouping 3)

UEMS past Presidents and its current President, Prof. Papalois

UEMS past Presidents

From left to right: Dr Romuald Krajewski, Dr Leonard Harvey, Prof. Vassilios Papalois, Dr Hannu Halila, Dr Zlatko Fras