Authentication of diplomas

Authentication of UEMS diplomas

In order for a UEMS diploma to be officially authenticated in countries requiring such procedure, it must be signed by the legal representative of a Belgian legal entity, whose signature can be authenticated by a Belgian Civil Officer. In this regard, we liaised with the notary of the UEMS, who has accepted to validate the signature of a legal representative of the UEMS.

In the past years, diplomas were signed by UEMS Secretary General, Prof. Vassilios Papalois. This year, the UEMS Executive commissioned Dr Bernard Maillet, UEMS treasurer, for this procedure.

The meeting with the UEMS Notary Me Michaux will take place on 10th September 2019, in the presence of Dr Maillet who will sign the diplomas on behalf of UEMS.

If applicants are interested, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. The applicant sends the following documents to the UEMS Office (Ms Marianne Chagnon, Rue de l’Industrie 24, 1040 Brussels, BELGIUM):

    - The original UEMS diploma (please note that only diplomas issued by UEMS can be authenticated)

    - A copy of the UEMS diploma

    - A copy of a valid ID or passport

  2. The applicant sends a scanned copy of his diploma and ID by email to with details of postal address to which we will return the signed document. Please put as subject of the email “Authentication of UEMS Diplomas – supporting documents”. Provide details on the date you passed the exam and the medical specialty.
  3. The UEMS Office will then contact the organizers of the examination to confirm that the applicant has indeed passed the exam.
  4. The UEMS Office will organize a meeting with the Notary to have the confirmed Diplomas signed.
  5. The UEMS Office will then send back the original diplomas to the applicants or to someone duly mandated.

We kindly invite you to send the relevant documents by August 1st 2019 at the latest (date as per postmark) should you wish to have your diploma signed this year.

The administrative fee for this procedure is 110€. The sending costs of returning diplomas is also at the candidate’s charge. Please indicate in your mail whether you would like your diploma to be sent back to you by regular mail (up to 10€) or by courier (60€).

Once the Diploma is signed, we will issue an invoice and ask you to pay by bank transfer. Once the payment is received, we will return the document back to you.

Please note that this is not the legalization of the diploma but a certification of authenticity. Indeed, the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs no longer legalizes UEMS diplomas because they are not delivered by a Belgian governmental organization. The meeting with the Notary is an authentication that the diploma has been signed by a UEMS Representative and a confirmation that the document is officially genuine.

Do not hesitate to contact Ms Marianne Chagnon - should you require further information.