The European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) is the oldest medical organisation in Europe as it celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2018.

With a current membership from 41 countries, it is the representative organisation of the National Associations of Medical Specialists in the European Union and its associated countries.

Its structure consists of a Council responsible for and working through 43 Specialist Sections and their European Boards, addressing training in their respective Specialty and incorporating representatives from academia (Societies, Colleges and Universities).

An Executive comprising the President, the Secretary-General, the Liaison Officer, and the Treasurer, is responsible for the routine functioning of the organisation.

UEMS represents over 1.6 million medical specialists in all the different specialties. It also has strong links and relations with European Institutions (Commission and Parliament), the other independent European Medical Organisations and the European Medical / Scientific Societies.

By its agreed documents, UEMS sets standards for high quality healthcare practice that are transmitted to the Authorities and Institutions of the EU and the National Medical Associations stimulating and encouraging them to implement its recommendations.

The added value of the UEMS

  • Greater strength through mutual cooperation;
  • A unified voice in the international representation of medical specialists;
  • International excellence in key areas of relevance to the medical profession;
  • Effective interaction and support between NMAs and the UEMS, and between individual specialties and the UEMS;
  • Addressing interdisciplinary issues in emerging areas of specialist medical practice;
  • Setting the basis for the robust accreditation of the educational meetings attended by our colleagues;
  • The development of new, harmonised models for the training of the next generation of medical specialists, and of high standards of clinical practice, hence improved care for patients throughout Europe.