UEMS Brussels Office

Rue de l'Industrie 24
1040 Brussels

The UEMS Brussels Office is located in the Domus Medica Europaea. Sharing the building with other medical organizations (e.g. Smoke Free Partnership, the European Society of Radiology, and the National Health Service), it is located in the European neighborhood.

Meeting rooms are also available to rent: more information here.

Staff of the UEMS Brussels Office

Internal and external affairs:

Chief Executive: Bertrand DAVAL - ceo@uems.eu

EU Policy and Coordination Officer: Marianne CHAGNON - coordination@uems.eu

Administration and Finances:

Managing Director: Bénédicte REYCHLER - director@uems.eu

Finance Officer: Didier VENKATAPEN - comptable@uems.eu


EACCME Coordinator: Nathalie PAULUS - nathalie@uems.eu

EACCME Officer: Patricia DEMEULEMEESTER - patricia@uems.eu

EACCME Officer: Ivan CAPUIA - ivan@uems.eu

EACCME Officer: Alexandra OLTEANU - alexandra@uems.eu

Secretarial support:

Administrative Officer: Fanny CLEMENT - secretariat@uems.eu