Update on EU-funded project Momentum

Telemedicine can make healthcare delivery safer, better and more efficient and thus help address challenges to our healthcare systems, but it can disrupt conventional medicine. The blueprint for doers describes 18 critical success factors for telemedicine deployment with detail, context, indicators, and descriptions, including an attachment with case studies. The document can be accessed here: 


The Momentum blueprint builds on an earlier and shorter version of the 18 critical success factors that was released in May 2014.  Since then, healthcare stakeholders from across the EU Member States joined dozens of conference presentations, moderated workshops and online fora to provide feedback on the critical success factors and to contribute to a more detailed and more refined document.  The Momentum consortium added in-depth research and consolidated the document in the period since August 2014.

"This consolidated blueprint is the main deliverable of the Momentum project. It caps almost three years of hard work", says Diane Whitehouse, EHTEL eHealth expert and lead author of the document.  "The whole consortium hopes that this blueprint will help telemedicine doers with their implementations, and make a substantive contribution to the body of knowledge on telemedicine deployment."

The Momentum project convenes telemedicine experts and stakeholders from more than 20 organisations in Europe. The project will end in January 2015, and the focus in the remaining weeks will be on building its legacy.  This will include a Momentum self-assessment tool and a process to facilitate telemedicine deployment through stakeholder engagement; a thoroughly updated and revised website (which EHTEL, the project coordinator, is committed to maintain after the project end); and the online Momentum forum on LinkedIn that will continue to host discussions about Momentum themes and the online tool.

For more information go to www.telemedicine-momentum.eu.

About the project:Momentum is a thematic network designed to share knowledge and experience in deploying telemedicine services into routine care. Working together, Momentum's members who come from all corners of Europe will develop, test and finalise a blueprint for telemedicine deployment that offers guidance for anybody who seeks to move telemedicine from an idea or a pilot to daily practice. The project is funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme of the European Commission, and runs from February 2012 to January 2015.  More information is at www.telemedicine-momentum.eu.

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