Report from the European Parliament on the Professional Qualifications Directive

On 16th July 2012, Ms Bernadette Vergnaud, (France, S&D), as EP rapporteur on that dossier, released her report on the European Commission’s proposal to revise the Directive on the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications (2005/36/EC). While her report generally welcomed the Commission’s proposal , it also enhanced the need to improve the proposal further. The main amendments put forward by Ms Vergnaud which are of interest to the medical profession and encompass the following points:

  • Extending the length of training for all Medical Specialties to no less than 5 years;
  • Opposing partial access for Healthcare professions;
  • Introducing an obligation for Member States to report on their national Continuing Professional Development systems implemented;
  • Requiring the Commission to report on the delegated acts it is empowered to adopt to update Medical Specialists Training Requirements;
  • Involving Stakeholders while preparing delegated acts.

The UEMS welcomes Ms Vergnaud’s report as it clearly addressed key issues for which the UEMS has been advocating since many years. Based on previous internal consultations, the UEMS Executive drafted its proposals for amending the Commission’s proposal which it presented to Ms Vergnaud as well as other Members of the European Parliament. The UEMS Executive was encouraged by the positive feedback it has received thus far and will continue working on that basis in the next steps of the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive adoption process.

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