Release: Opinion paper on the medical community’s role in communication strategies during health crises

This opinion paper was released on 7th July 2023 in infectious Diseases Report

The COVID-19 pandemic was complicated by the spread of false information leading to what became widely called an “infodemic”. The present opinion paper was written by an ad hoc international team united under the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) umbrella and reflects the organizations’ effort to contribute to the resolution of these issues, by highlighting and
reflecting on them and by suggesting the medical community’s necessary activities resulting in the formulation of effective future communication strategies.

The importance of physicians’ and other health workers’ role and mission as educators and leaders in communities in critical situations should be reassessed and upgraded.
We need to equip future doctors with strong and sustainable leadership and communication skills through relevant undergraduate and postgraduate education programs, in order that compliance with preventive medical advice is increased.

To avoid possible politically and otherwise biased communication in health crises of the future, European nations should establish independent advisory bodies providing evidence-based advice and participate in communication campaigns.

Medical and other health professional organizations should build organizational and personal capacities of their members to enable them to reliably inform and adequately educate governments, populations, civic society, employers’ and employees’ organizations, schools and universities, and other stakeholders.

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