Irish Presidency Declaration on e-Health

The EU Health Ministers met in Dublin on 13-15 May 2013 in the framework of the Ministerial eHealth High Level Conference organised jointly by the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission and agreed on a Declaration on eHealth presented by the Irish Presidency.

This Declaration is aimed at prioritising the use of ICT in health among Member States to contribute to better, safer, sustainable and innovative healthcare systems for all European citizens.

As part of the Declaration Minsters agreed to the following actions:

  • Strengthening coordination of all policies related to eHealth.
  • Promoting an ecosystem dialogue aimed at mutual learning and sharing of good experiences between industry, academia, patients, citizens and the health service.
  • Accelerating the implementation of existing and proven devices and processes to create an innovative market and to ensure that citizens receive optimum outcomes in a shorter timeframe, by delivering on existing priorities.

To support these actions the Irish Health Minister Reilly, on behalf of the Irish Presidency, called on Member States to enhance their cooperation on eHealth and called on the European Commission to support Member States in their efforts to deploy eHealth solutions through ecosystems, utilising the appropriate tools and instruments available.

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