eHealth Interoperability Framework Study released

The study on the eHealth Interoperability Framework, financed by the European Commission, has been finalised. It defines a vision of an EU eHealth Interoperability Framework.

In 2012, the European Commission set the objective to develop, with the advice of the eHealth Network, an eHealth European Interoperability Framework in the context of the generic European Interoperability Framework (EIF). As a result, it is the goal of this study to describe the background and rationale of the study, to propose a high-level structure and conceptual framework of the eHealth EIF and to propose an initial population of the technical level of the framework by assessing 10 technical specifications from two consortia active in developing eHealth interoperability specifications: Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise and Continua Health Alliance. The commission intends to further populate the eHealth European Interoperability Framework in the future with interoperability specifications at the technical, semantic and organisational levels
The study defines a vision of an EU eHealth Interoperability Framework with four levels: technical, semantic, organisational and legal. It also assesses some technical specifications from the epSOS interoperability framework and from two consortia, IHE and Continua Health Alliance, against the identification criteria of the annex II of the Regulation on European Standardization.

These results will be used to specify the deployment of cross-border eHealth services in the frame of the Connection Europe Facility (CEF), but they will also potentially be used for national, regional or project based deployments.


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