7 March 2024 • Next Assessment of Clinical Leadership

Engaging in leading (and managing) systems of healthcare, from the scale of a team to a hospital or health authority – is not an option, it is a professional obligation for all doctors, that's why AEMH & UEMS have founded the European Academy of Clinical Leadership. European Junior Doctors and FEMS have since then joined and collaborate with AEMH and UEMS

The European Academy of Clinical Leadership (EACL) is focused on the achievement of the physicians’ continuous development and competency in leadership as clinical doctors.

To this end, the EACL provides to all doctors with clinical leadership experience an assessment of their competence, and the successful participants are granted the title of fellow of the Clinical Leadership Academy, which is  a recognition of thie experience as clinical leaders.

📅 The next session of assessment is on 7th March 2024, in Brussels.

Interested physicians need to register for the coming session of assessment before 2nd February 2024, on this page.