UEMS and eHealth

UEMS involvement in eHealth-related European projects

The UEMS is currently involved in two eHealth related projects: Renewing Health and Momentum. Thus the UEMS contributes to shaping the European e-Health policy.

The UEMS also contributed to the now finished EU funded project Calliope aiming at addressing the issue of interoperability of eHealth solutions at the European level.

UEMS involvement as expert to the European Commission

The UEMS is also member of the eHealth Stakeholders' Group (eHSG). The European Commission has selected 29 members to participate in its new eHealth Stakeholder Group. Members of the group, among which the UEMS, appointed for a period of three years, are expert representatives of European umbrella organisations active in the eHealth sector.

The group is expected to contribute to the development of legislation and policy related to eHealth. Policy areas of specific interest include relevant actions of the Digital Agenda for Europe on eHealth and the forthcoming eHealth Action Plan.

For more information on the European Policies with regard to e-Health please visit the Commission's website: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/health/index_en.htm

UEMS position with regard to e-Health

In 2011, the European Commission conducted a consultation aiming at preparing the future eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020 (eHAP). The UEMS therefore conducted an internal consultation and provided the Commission with accurate and relevant input shedding the light on the main concerns and expectations of practising health professionals with regard to e-Health.

The UEMS believes eHealth can potentially contribute to the improvement of the quality of care provided to European citizens. However, the UEMS strongly recommend adopting a balanced view in this regard.

Using Information Technologies in the field of health will undoubtedly improve the sustainability, the availability and the quality of healthcare  but the objective of any eHealth solution, be it a service or a product, should always be to bring real added value to its users (i.e.: Health professionals and patients).

In this regard, the UEMS strongly advocates for the need to involve Health professionals when developing eHealth solutions as they remain the main provider of healthcare.

For more information on UEMS position on eHealth, please read the UEMS contribution to the eHealth Action Plan (UEMS 2011/22).

The UEMS Working Group on eHealth

The UEMS Council set up a Working Group on e-health in 2004 with an aim to discuss and share health professionals views and expectations in the field of e-Health. 



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