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Name of the European Examination City/Country of Appraisal Date of Appraisal UEMS CESMA Appraisers Appraisal valid until
European Board of Interventional Radiology Vienna, Austria 2017-03-01/02 A. Felice - K. Albegger 2022-03-01
European Board of General Surgery Belfast, UK 2016-05-12/13 M. Maggiorini - D. Mathysen 2021-05-12
European Society of Anesthesiology Athens, Greece 2015-10-30 D. Mathysen; O. Sparrow 2020-10-30
European Board of Neurology Copenhagen, Denmark 2015-05-24 A. Felice – D. Mathysen 2021-05-24
European Board of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Brussels, Belgium 2015-04-24 Artur Felice; D. Mathysen 2020-04-24
European Board of Radiology Vienna, Austria 2015-03-05 K. Albegger ; D. Mathysen 2020-03-05
European Society of Surgical Oncology Brussels, Belgium 2014-09-05 Z. Goldik ; D. Mathysen 2019-09-05
European Board of Hand Surgery Examination Paris, France 2014-06-17 D. Mathysen; O. Sparrow 2019-06-17
European Board of Ophthalmology Diploma Paris, France 2014-05-10 Z. Goldik; J. Boorman 2019-05-10
European Diploma in Transplant Surgery Vienna, Austria 2013-09-07 Z. Goldik ; D. Mathysen 2018-09-07