EU Patient Round Table on Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) and other healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) 2012-11-12

On 7th November 2012, The European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE) organised a round table addressing the issue of "Clostridium difficile" infection (CDI) and other healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). CDI is a leading Healthcare Associated Infection in Europe and is mainly caused by the use of antibiotics, which can clear the normal 'good' bacteria from the bowel and allow the overgrowth of C. difficile.

Outcomes of the last UEMS Council Meeting (Larnaca -Cyprus) 2012-10-20

Summary of key decisions The Council of UEMS gathered on 18th and 19th October 2012 in Larnaca (Cyprus). On that occasion, the Members of UEMS discussed and agreed the following:

ECAB Research Project - Survey on variations of clinical practice 2012-10-07

In the framework of the ECAB project (Evaluating Care across Borders), the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is conducting research on variations of practice in disease management across Europe. The ECAB Project is funded under the European Commission's 7th Research Framework Programme and the UEMS was invited to contribute both within the project's advisory board but also in providing its network in order to collect data.

Public consultation on the experience acquired with the paediatric regulation 2012-10-01

The European Commission has launched a public consultation aiming at collecting views of stakeholders with regard to the use of medicinal products for children in Europe. Five years after it entered into force, the Commission aims to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the legislative framework for paediatric medicinal products.

Invitation to join the UEMS Open Letter on "Standards in medical practice" 2012-09-14

Dear Colleagues, We are inviting you to join forces in co-signing an Open Letter on "Standards for medical practice".

EU high-Level Employment Conference - Speaking in the name of Colleagues... 2012-09-03

Dear Colleagues, The European Commission is organising on 6th and 7th September a High-Level Conference on Employment. This event is expected to pave the way to jobs’ recovery in Europe at a particularly difficult period. In this regard, the healthcare sector is seen as one of the niches which can foster that growth.

EU High-Level Employment Conference 2012-09-03

The European Commission is organising a High-Level Conference entitled "Jobs for Europe: The Employment Policy Conference" in Brussels on 6th and 7th September 2012. The UEMS, through its President Dr Romuald Krajewski, was invited to address this event in order to present the views of healthcare professionals on this issue.

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