UEMS Conference on "The accreditation of CME-CPD in Europe" - Follow-up

Dear Participants,

We are pleased to write back to you further to our Conference on CME-CPD on 18th November 2011.

Besides the launch of new criteria for the accreditation of live educational events, this unprecedented event was the occasion to invite and engage with you as interested parties in the field of CME Accreditation in Europe, i.e. CME providers, event organisers, national accreditation authorities and specialty reviewers.

The European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) was established in 2000 by the UEMS for the purpose of ensuring the international mutual recognition of quality assessments of CME-CPD activities organised all over the world for the benefit of European doctors. After more than 10 years of operation, it is the first time that such an International Conference is organised with an aim to share knowledge on the latest developments in the accreditation of Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development in Europe.

Dr Andrzej Rys, Director in European Commission's Directorate-General for Health & Consumers, when addressing the UEMS Conference, pointed to the importance of knowledge and skills renewal for healthcare professionals and emphasised the continued collaboration between the UEMS and the European Institutions in this regard. Other speakers shed light on the role of the UEMS, as the largest organisation representing doctors at the European level, in setting standards in the field of medical education and training.

The UEMS-EACCME® took this opportunity to present its updated criteria for the accreditation of live educational events (UEMS 2011/30) which are setting high standards for the quality assessments of CME-CPD activities organised for European doctors, as well as the criteria for the accreditation of e-learning materials (UEMS 2011/20 - already in use since 1st June 2011).

With this Conference, the UEMS committed to initiating a longer term dialogue with all interested parties in its accreditation mechanism, particularly CME providers. On that basis, we are today providing you with the condensed feedback that we received by means of the forms or doodle boards that were made available during the Conference but also the questions presented orally during the sessions and workshops. The results of our survey and comments are today sent to you as we received them. In-depth answers and explanations will be provided in a second phase as your questions and comments will be further examined. As you will read, this feedback was significant and exceeded our expectations. Time will therefore be necessary to provide the necessary responses. The implications of your input on the implementation of our new regulations is under scrutiny and decisions on specific issues are pending. You will naturally be kept informed in due course about this.

Should you have any additional comment in the meantime, you are kindly invited to contribute these to the UEMS Brussels Office at your best convenience, preferably by the end of 2011.

We very much look forward to collaborating further with you in 2012 and, in the meantime, convey our best Season's Greetings to all of you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Zlatko Fras Dr Bernard Maillet
UEMS President UEMS Secretary-General

Pictures of the Conference

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Session_I.1_-_Z.FRAS_-_Intro._to_UEMS.pdf 3.5 M
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Session_I.3_-_E.BORMAN_-_Intro._to_UEMS-EACCME_Taskforce.pps 355 K
Session_I.4_-_A.APARICIO_-_The_UEMS_and_the_AMA.pps 2.3 M
Session_I.5_-_A.RYS_-_Quality_in_Specialist_Practice.pps 3.7 M
Session_II.1_-_B._MAILLET_-_the_EACCME_system_.pps 1.1 M
Session_II.2_-_E_BORMAN__C_PISSIOTIS_-_Principles_for_Accreditation.pps 389 K
Session_III_-_Prov.Forum_-_N.PAULUS_-_e-learning_application_process.pps 462 K
Session_III_-_Prov.Forum_-_N.PAULUS_-_LEE_application_process.pps 411 K
Session_III_-_Rev.Forum_-_I.STARKE_-_e-learning_criteria.pps 362 K
Session_IV.1_-_I.STARKE_-_Changing_Environment_for_Industry_Support.pps 441 K
Session_IV.2_-_J._MCLOUGHLIN_-_self_regulating_industry.pps 498 K