Save the date: The future of Surgery in Europe - Brussels - 20 September 2013

On 20th September 2013, a Symposium on The Future of Surgery in Europe will be held in Brussels under the aegis of the UEMS Section of Surgery.
This event will aim to attract medical specialists from all over Europe together with representatives of European Institutions and other interested parties to discuss current and future aspects of Surgical Care in Europe.
The Symposium will notably focus on the challenges faced by healthcare systems in general, and  European Surgeons in particular, to achieve high quality surgical care provided to European citizens.
Given the expectations from the public for high quality of care, most European countries have to adapt their healthcare systems to ensure the best available treatment is provided to the public. In the context of financial pressure on healthcare budgets and growing demand for treatments, healthcare professionals are increasingly compelled to improve on a continuous basis the quality of care that they provide while relying on decreasing resources and having to treat an increasing number of patients. Though surgical care is financially demanding for Hospitals, the UEMS strongly believe that only sufficiently-funded and appropriately-staffed healthcare systems can sustain the quality of care for patients.
Key players in the field of surgical care (i.e. Surgeons, Hospital Managers, Health Insurances, Ministries of Health, etc) all take an active role in shaping the future of Surgery in Europe. In the framework of this Symposium, speakers will share their views on how to best shape that discipline in order for it to develop and provide for quality care to patients. The perspective from hospital managers, practising surgeons and professional organisations will pave the way discussions with the audience.

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