Outcomes of the UEMS Council Meeting (Brussels - Belgium)

The UEMS Council, meeting in Brussels on 20th April 2013, adopted several key documents of importance to our organisation as a whole and particularly to our Specialist Sections.

UEMS Statement on promoting Continuing Professional Development in Europe

The UEMS considered the recent developments relating to the revision process of the EU Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications (2005/36/EC), particularly its Article 22 related to "continued education and training" and adopted a statement in order to highlight the need for appropriate consideration of CPD by European Member States.

Creation of the Specialist Section in Clinical Genetics

A request to create a Section in Clinical Genetics was submitted to the Council given its status of independent specialty in many European Member States. Its creation was decided by the UEMS Council and the Multidisciplinary Joint Committee in Clinical Genetics was dissolved.

Creation of the Specialist Section in Thoracic Surgery

A request to create a Section in Thoracic Surgery was submitted to the Council. Thoracic surgery is an independent specialty in more than 1/3 of European Member States. The Council created a Section of Thoracic Surgery.

Policy Statement on Emergency Medicine in Europe

The UEMS Section in Emergency Medicine and the European Society in Emergency Medicine drafted a Statement aiming at setting the basis for robust and coherent approach in Emergency Medicine in Europe. The Council endorsed the Statement on Emergency Medicine in Europe.

European Training Requirements for Medical Specialties

Several Specialist Sections and their European Boards drafted the European Training Requirements for their Specialty using the template adopted in Larnaca, Cyprus in October 2012. The Council adopted the European Training Requirements in:

  • Anaesthesiology
  • Radiotherapy
  • Surgery

Other important decisions

  • The change of name of the Section of "Radiotherapy" into "Radiotherapy and Radiation Oncology"
  • The winding up of the MJC in Emergency Medicine

Some documents were presented for information and were to be further discussed and elaborated before being submitted for endorsement at the next meeting of the UEMS Council:

  • The European Training Requirements in Neurology
  • The European Training Requirements in Orthopaedics
  • The European Curriculum in Radiology
  • The explanatory note on the functioning of UEMS Sections, Divisions, Multidisciplinary Joint Committees, Thematic Federation and European Boards
  • The Glossary of Terms in Postgraduate Training and Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development
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