Outcomes of the last UEMS Council Meeting (Larnaca -Cyprus)

Summary of key decisions

The Council of UEMS gathered on 18th and 19th October 2012 in Larnaca (Cyprus). On that occasion, the Members of UEMS discussed and agreed the following:

Template for Training Requirements (former "Chapter 6")The UEMS Working Group on Postgraduate Training had established a specific Taskforce to work on a document setting out a common structure for the Training Requirements for each specialty recognised under the UEMS aegis (UEMS 2012/29). The aim was to provide an harmonised view on the recommendations pertaining to specialist training provided by the UEMS Sections & Boards.

Updated criteria for the Accreditation of live educational events by the EACCME (UEMS 2012/30) were adopted by the UEMS Council after a consultation period of more than a year. Further to the positive experience with the accreditation of e-learning materials, 25 essential criteria were defined in order to assess the scientific validity and independence of congresses, training courses, etc that are provided to European doctors.

Specialist issues
Training Requirements were endorsed in the following specialties:

  • Pathology (UEMS 2012/31)
  • Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (UEMS 2012/32)
  • Pneumology (UEMS 2012/33)

A Thematic Federation was established in Legal & Forensic Medicine,
and a Multidisciplinary Joint Committee for Manual Medicine.

Future Structure
The document UEMS 2012/28 enabling the creation of Governance Boards for each Standing Committee under the new UEMS Structure was adopted.

Position Statements
Further to the Discussion Forum which focused on the issue of "Self-regulation for the medical profession", the delegates to the UEMS Council decided to adopt a statement on professional autonomy (UEMS 2012/26).
Another statement on environmental health was also adopted (UEMS 2012/27).

UEMS_2012.26_-_Larnaca_Statement_on_Professional_Autonomy.pdf 357 K
UEMS_2012.27_-_Statementon_Environment_and_Health.pdf 653 K
UEMS_2012.28_-_Governance_Boards_for_UEMS_Standing_Committees.pdf 393 K
UEMS_2012.29_-_Template_structure_for_European_Training_Requirements.pdf 384 K
UEMS_2012.30_-_Accreditation_of_Live_Educational_Events_by_EACCME_-__ADOPTED.pdf 394 K
UEMS_2012.31_-_Chapter_6_in_Pathology_-_2012.10.19.pdf 416 K
UEMS_2012.32_-_Chapter_6_in_Plastic__Reconstructive_and_Aesthetic_Surgery_-_2012.10.19.pdf 304 K
UEMS_2012.32_-_Annex_I_-_Syllabus_-_Plastic__Reconstructive_and_Aesthetic_Surgery.pdf 326 K
UEMS_2012.33_-_Chapter_6_in_Pneumology.pdf 2.5 M