Outcome of the UEMS Council (Granada, 16-18.10.2014)

Decisions and proposals made during the meeting were as follows:

Admission of Morocco and Lebanon as Observer Member

The UEMS Council welcomed the "Collège Syndical National des Médecins Spécialistes" from Morocco and the "Lebanese Order of Physicians" as Observer Members.
The UEMS is now composed of 37 National Associations of Medical Specialists and is thus the largest European Medical Organisation.
Prof. Vassilios Papalois was elected UEMS Vice President
Further to Dr Hans-Peter Ulrich resignation as UEMS Vice President due to health problems, the UEMS Council elected Prof. Vassilios Papalois as his successor (October 2015).

European Training Requirements:
UEMS Specialist Sections and European Boards presented Training Requirements for their speciality, or updated Training Requirements, detailing the recommendations for training at the European level, in order to ensure high quality care to patients. The European Training Requirements endorsed at the Council meeting were based on the UEMS template of Training Requirements adopted in Larnaca (October 2012) in order to ensure consistency between the specialities' requirements.The Council endorsed Training Requirements in Intensive Care Medicine
Criteria and Procedure for the accreditation of Clinical Skills Centres

The MJC Clinical Skills Training and Assessment proposed criteria and procedure for the accreditation of Clinical Skills Centres. The UEMS Council endorsed the criteria and the procedure.

Criteria and procedure for appraisal of European Examination

The Council for European Specialists Medical Assessment (CESMA) proposed criteria and procedure for the evaluation of European Speciality Examination. The UEMS Council endorsed the document proposed by CESMA.

Statement on guidance on storage and reporting of all performed ultrasound examination

The UEMS Radiology Section proposed to support the ESR statement on storage of ultrasound images. The UEMS Council endorsed this document with some amendments raised by national delegations.

The UEMS Council also created new structures:
- Section in Medical Oncology
- European Board in Neurology
- Division in Breast Surgery

The UEMS Council also endorsed the winding-up of the Division of Cardiac Surgery within the UEMS Cardiothoracic Surgery Section. The European Board of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery was renamed into "European Board of Cardiothoracic Surgery". 

Documents adopted during this meeting will be made available soon.