Validation European Examination Diploma

The diplomas cannot in any way be considered a license to practise nor a title of qualification equivalent to the titles detailed in the Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC and 2013/55/EU).

UEMS Diplomas are not the titles of qualifications established by legal decree but should be considered voluntary labels of excellence awarded by the organisation of medical specialists.

In order for a document to be legalised by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it has to be signed by the legal representative of a Belgian legal entity, whose signature can be authenticated by a Belgian Civil Officer. We have been looking into ways of securing concrete outcome for such administrative process which, as you already know, is rather complex. In this regard, we liaised with the notary of the UEMS which has accepted to validate the signature of the legal representative of the UEMS, thus creating the first step towards legalisation of your diploma.

Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to send the Diploma to the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to have it legalised and follow the requested procedure.  

Should you wish to have your diploma stamped by UEMS, please contact us at 

Please note that the administrative fee for this procedure is 85 € (eighty-five euros).