E-Health Stakeholders group' report released

In order to provide input on the Digital Agenda, the eHealth stakeholder group decided to mandate a subgroup to gather the members' views on the topic and, in particular, on the main obstacles and the possible solutions. The members were also asked to report relevant examples of electronic health records systems in place at national or regional level.

The EU Digital Agenda highlights to “incorporate the right of individuals to have their personal health information safely stored within a healthcare system accessible online”in order to make e-Health technologies successful. To achieve this, specific actions have been foreseen, such as including giving Europeans secure access to their medical data, implementing digital literacy policies, fostering EU standards and interoperability, helping disabled people to access content and proposing a recommendation to define a minimum common set of patient data.

The concept of electronic health records itself is in constant development and is subject to a multitude of definitions and interpretations. For the purpose of the document in question electronic health record (hereafter EHR) is defined as “a comprehensive medical record or similar documentation of the past and present physical and mental state of health of an individual in electronic form, and providing for ready availability of these data for medical treatment and other closely related purposes”.

The report explores the strength and weaknesses of EHR based on existing examples in European Member States and provide recommendation to address the gaps identified to facilitate the uptake of EHR at the European level. The report notably highlight the need to:

  • Guarantee privacy and data protection and facilitate access
  • Ensure the highest level of quality and safety
  • Inform and involve stakeholders
  • Improve interoperability and data portability

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