Arctic Light e-He@lth Conference 2012

On 20th and 21st June 2012, partners of the EU-funded project MOMENTUM met in the framework of the Arctic Light e-He@lth Conference 2012 in Luleå in Norrbotten (Sweden). These meetings notably discussed existing telemedicine services and how these could pave the way to further implementation of telemedicine into daily routine care.

This meeting was the first workshop organised in the framework of MOMENTUM which was launched in February 2012. As representative of health professionnals, the UEMS is a partner organisation in MOMENTUM, providing its expert-knowledge and raising awareness on the concerns and expectations of phyisicians with regard to the practical and workable implementation of telemedicine and how it meets health professionals needs.

Prof. Gaida Krumina (UEMS Section of Radiology) attended both the Conference and the workshop on UEMS behalf. She notably addressed the audience during the afternoon session of the ALEC Conference with regard to the challenges and possibilities of telemedicine services for ageing population.