Access to healthcare in Europe in times of crisis and rising xenophobia

An overview of the situation of people excluded from healthcare systems

On the 9th of April 2013, Doctors of the World International Network (Médecins du monde) presented its latest report, with some of the results of comparative data collected in 2012 in 14 cities across seven European countries.

The crisis has generated austerity measures that have had a deep impact on all social safety nets, including healthcare provision. Groups who were already facing numerous vulnerability factors before the crisis, such as migrants, drug users, destitute European citizens and homeless people, have seen a reduction in or a termination of social safety nets and networks which provide them with basic help. Whilst all levels of the population must cope with increasing poverty, we are witnessing a significant increase in xenophobic actions and declarations against migrants, who have become the scapegoats of a situation which is making them even more vulnerable.

Available upon request : printed versions of the report "Access to Healthcare in Europe in times of Crisis and rising Xenophobia" and press kits in FR and EN. Please write to nathalie.simonnot(at)

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