European Board of Thoracic Surgery Part 1 examination 2019 2019-06-08,

Dear colleagues

This is to announce that the European Board of Thoracic Surgery Part 1 examination 2019 will be organized at Dublin convention Centre, concurrently with ESTS conference, on Saturday June 8th, 2019, from 9.00 to 12.30. It will consist of an MCQ testing, with 2 sets of 45 questions scheduled for 9O minutes each, with a break of 30 minutes in-between.

The UEMS section of Thoracic Surgery has decided in January 2019 to evolve towards a 2-part examination, as do most of European Specialty Boards that are UEMS accredited.

Part 1 is a written examination run with MCQ testing theoretical knowledge across the mandatory modules of the Thoracic Surgery Syllabus. Part 2 is an oral examination based on clinical scenarios with standardized questions to be discussed with the jury ; i twill be organized at a later date.

Please visit UEMS website to get more details on the new board regulations approved by UEMS section as of January 2019. In summary,

  1. Part 1 examination may be taken as soon as the applicant has graduated for his national specialty examination
  2. Validation of part 1 is mandatory for application to part 2
  3. Part 2 may be taken after validation of part 1 and an experience of independent practice of at least 2 years.
  4. The examination is centred on mandatory modules of the European Syllabus
  5. Applications must be made according to instructions detailed in the regulations and uploaded via the website.

All applications will be submitted to a peer review; payment of the registration fee (400 € or less depending on income status of home country) is mandatory to enter the peer-reviewing process.

Application is closed 6th of May at midnight; successful candidates will be advertised by 13th of May. In case you are in contact with eligible juniors who are not ESTS or EACTS members, we thank you to forward them this information.

Best regards

Prof D van Raemdonck                                                            Prof G Massard

President UEMS section of thoracic surgery                             Chairman EBTS