2018 Autumn Business Meeting of the Surgery Section 2018-09-14 - 2018-09-15,

The UEMS Section of Surgery held its Autumn Business Meeting on the 14-15th of September 2018 in Malta. Most notably, the section wants to work on the role of women in Surgery, following on the “Women in Surgery” survey by Malin Sund. The need for all sections to propose a financial contribution to the management fees of the UEMS was also a topic of discussion. Thirdly, making the examinations more professional is key for the section, which decided to start the discussion for a collaboration with Orzone.

Other decisions were taken. The Minimal Invasive Surgery Working Group will start the process to become a division. When it comes to divisions, HPB would like to accredit centers. The Emergency Surgery and Transplant Surgery divisions are preparing for a CESMA assessment. The Breast Surgery and Surgical Oncology want to continue holding the written part of their examinations in several locations in Europe and elsewhere.

Furthermore, the Basic Surgical Sciences in Europe Working Group is planning on drafting a common syllabus for the Basic Surgical Sciences for the 2nd and 3rd years of training by March 2019. The group working on establishing a standard data for procedures in order to adjust the risks was asked to carry on with its work. Regarding the European Surgical Journals network, editors will be encouraged to participate and to share their needs. The Gastroenterology section will be contacted to talk about establishing a working group for Endoscopy and GI-Functional Diagnostics. The Transferable Competency in Abdominal Wall Surgery group will bring forward a structured proposal for the next Spring meeting to take place in Istanbul, Turkey in April 2019.

Below are the presentations that were made during the meeting:

Coloproctology Division Annual Report (2018).ppt

Surgical Oncology Division Annual Report (2018).ppt

Breast Division Annual Report (2018).ppt

Emergency Surgery Division Annual Report (2018).ppt

General Surgery Division Annual Report (2018).ppt

Trauma Surgery Division Annual Report (2018).ppt

Endocrine Surgery Division Annual Report (2018).ppt

OG Division Annual Report (2018).ppt

UEMS-CESMA May Meeting Report (2018).ppt

MIS Working Group Report (2018).pdf

Basic Surgical Training Working Group Report (2018).ppt

Abdominal Wall Surgery Project Report (2018)

Journal Network Working Group Report (2018)

SEVE Project Report (2018).ppt

Endoscopy Survey Project Presentation (2018).ppt

Surgery Section Office Report (2018).ppt

Section Situation Report (2018).ppt