Dear Colleagues,

We look forward to welcoming you in Marrakesh for the UEMS Council meeting on 27th / 28th April 2018 !

For those who have not done it yet, please register here as soon as possible.

Please see below supporting documents for the Council meeting 


Agenda Schedule Proxy NMAs

Repartition of Sections by grouping

- Agenda UEMS Advisory Board (UEMS Sections) + Advisory Board Etiquette

- Agenda UEMS Working Group CME

- Agenda Working Group Quality of Patient Care  & Specialist Practice in current Health Systems

- Agenda UEMS Working Group PGT

Reports :

- UEMS 2018/05 - Reports UEMS Bodies

- UEMS 2018/06 - Reports UEMS NMAs

Supporting documents Council :

UEMS 2017/20 - Report UEMS Council meeting - Brussels 21st October 2017

- UEMS 2018/07 - Report UEMS Secretary General - April 2018

- CEO Report 2017

- Proposal to rename European Training Requirements - European Training Recommendations & Proposal ETR Reviewing process

- Statement on role of Physicians

- Creation MJC Adolescent Medicine

- Change of the name of the Section Clinical Genetics to Medical Genetics

- EACCME - Proposals on Collaboration with other healthcare professionals

-  EACCME - Proposals on COI forms and involvement of industry

- EACCME - Proposals on Expansion of recognition of professional qualifications

- EACCME - Proposals on Development of a training module for reviewers

European Training Requirements :