• Minutes of the UEMS Council Meeting Brussels Oct. 2017

Specialist and Constitutional issues

European Medical Organisations and EU Affairs

UEMS Working groups

THANK YOU for your participation to

the Autumn UEMS Council Meeting held in Brussels

from 20th to 21st October 2017

at the Maison des Associations Internationales

Please see below supporting documents for the Council meeting 


Agenda Schedule + Proxy NMAs

Repartition of Sections by grouping

- Agenda UEMS Advisory Board (UEMS Sections) + Proxy Sections

- Agenda UEMS Working Group on Quality of Patient Care  &  Specialist  Practice  in current  Health  Systems

- Agenda UEMS Working Group on CME-CPD

- Agenda UEMS Working Group on Postgraduate Training

- Agenda UEMS Working Group on E-health

- Agenda MJC Oncology (only for MJC Oncology delegates)

- Agenda UEMS TF Hypertension (only for TF Hypertension delegates)

Supporting documents Council :

- 2. UEMS 2017/17 - Report UEMS Council meeting - Tel Aviv - 28 April 2017

- 3. UEMS 2017/ - Report of the Secretary General + Appendix 1 + Appendix 2 + Appendix 2bis + Appendix 3 + Appendix 4

Report of the CEO

- UEMS 2017/23 - Reports of UEMS Bodies

- UEMS 2017/24 - Reports UEMS NMAs

- Proposed creation of a MJC Infection Control

- Proposed creation of a MJC Vertigo

- Proposed creation of a Division Reproductive Medicine

- Proposed creation of a European Board Paediatric Urology

European Training Requirements :

ETR Review Committee Composition

Training Requirements in Dermatology and Veneralogy

Training Requirements in Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Training Requirements in Endocrinology + Logbook training in Endocrinology

Training Requirements in Clinical Neurophysiology

Training Requirements in Medical Oncology

Training Requirements in Phlebology + Appendix 1 + Appendix 2 + Appendix 3

Curriculum Medical Microbiology