Dear participants,

thank you for attending the Fourth UEMS Conference on CME-CPD

that took place in Brussels on 23-24 November 2018

Please see below the presentations:

1. Start of the Conference programme

1.1 Development of European Fellowships (Professor Romuald Krajewski)

1.2 Presentation of the Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe and its activities (Mr Michel Ballieu)

1.3 Evolution of the European Council for CME-CPD (Professor Vassilios Papalois)

2. UEMS today - the UEMS is 60!
3. EACCME today

3.1 History and Achievements (Dr Hannu Halila)

3.2 Activity (Ms Nathalie Paulus)

3.3 EACCME and the UEMS Portfolio (Professor Vassilios Papalois)

3.4 Our values and principles (Dr Len Harvey)

3.5 Partnerships (Professor Paolo Ricci)

3.6 Challenges - the way forward (Dr Patrick Magennis)

4. Workshop for Providers and Reviewers

4.1 Practical guide for applying (Ms Patricia Demeulemeester)

4.2 Practical guide for reviewing (Dr Haris Koulas)

4.3 Common challenges for providers (Ms Raffaella Donadio)

4.4 Common challenges for reviewers (Professor Wolfgang Grisold)

4.5 Reconsideration-Appeals (Professor Vassilios Papalois)

4.6 Quality Control (Dr Francesca Rubulotta)

5. CME-CPD for real people in real life - Challenges, aspirations, what I want from UEMS-EACCME

5.1 The view of NMAs and NAAs

5.1.1 Bulgarian Medical Association (Professor Nikolay Gabrovsky)

5.1.2 LIPUS (Dr Brigitte Benecke)

5.1.3 Croatian Medical Chamber (Dr Zeljko Blazinkov)

5.1.4 Panhellenic Medical Association (Dr Kostas Koumakis)

5.2 The view of UEMS Sections

5.2.1 UEMS Section of Gastroenterology (Professor Ludwig Kramer)

5.2.2 UEMS Section of Ophtalmology (Dr Denise Curtin)

5.2.3 UEMS Section of ORL (Professor Sverre Steinsvag)

5.2.4 UEMS Section of Public Health (Dr Marc Soethout)

5.3 The view of European Scientific Societies

5.3.1 European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (Ms Melania Istrate)

5.3.2 European Society of Cardiology (Professor Lino Goncalves)

5.3.3 Alliance of Biomedical Research in Europe (Mr Michel Ballieu)

5.3.4 European Society of Radiology (Professor Milos Lucic)

5.4 The view of Allied Healthcare Professionals

5.4.1 European Operating Room Nurses Association (Ms May Karam)

5.4.2 European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (Ms Joan Peppard)

5.4.3 World Organisation of Family Doctors (Dr Nele Michels)

6. A holistic european and international perspective on CME-CPD

6.1 European Patients Forum (Ms Kaisa Immonen)

6.2 European Medicines Agency (Ms Ivana Silva)

6.3 European Federation of Salaried Doctors (Dr Enrico Reginato)

6.4 European Association of Senior Hospital Physicians (Dr Joao Grenho)

6.5 Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Dr Craig Campbell)

6.6 Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Medicos (Dr Thomas Cabo Castro)

7. Ethics and Practice of Industry Involvement - EACCME Values and Practice

7.1 Fresenius Medical Care (Dr Berit Göthel)

7.2 AO Foundation (Ms Urs Ruetschi)

8. What's on the pipeline for modern specialist medical education - the providers reveal their vision

8.1 European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (Ms Melania Istrate)

8.2 E-Hims (Mr Luc Van Ruysevelt)

8.3 Vascular Independent Research and Education European Organisation (Professor Mariella Catalano)

8.4 European Society for Organ Transplantation (Dr Raj Thurasingham)

8.5 AO Foundation (Mr Urs Ruetschi)

8.6 KENES Education (Ms Diana van Brakel)